It’s a PowerPoint World – Part 2

Last week we talked about a simple presentation slide on your current project that would assist management in summarizing its current status. We want to emphasize simple. As gather-ers of information, facts, figures, scenarios, risks, exceptions, etc., at some point, we know more about the entire project than anyone else. We must avoid putting everything

It’s a PowerPoint World – Part 1

You may be running one of 100’s of projects and not aware of visibility or significance however you should be aware of presenting an overview of your project will be helpful to you and to your management all the way to the top. One easy way to do this is a simple charter/status slide that

How many steps are really involved?

As tasks and time, which costs money, is a main focus for planning, nearly everyone you will talk with in gathering information will short change the overall effort. This is not on purpose but as we all tend to do, the one who knows the process best may fail to mention little items or easy