Just Get More People, Right?

Wrong.  Consider the following when you are behind in schedule or have a newly added chunk of work to your project:

  • Phase the new work to after you finish the already planned project work
  • Have you taught someone to drive, do dishes, play a board game?  It takes more than double the time to do it yourself; consider the learning curve when you bring on new people to a project
  • Document thoroughly the impact to every line in your current project plan, not just cost and time.  Human resources are often impacted and maybe be pushed back or up into an unavailable time.
  • Time, cost, and productivity are inseparable.  Even if you get resources from another department who need little training,
    • the department they are leaving will suffer their void
    • you will need to pay overtime
    • they will experience burn out
    • you will have no options for future more critical projects

“Throwing people at a problem” only works with ditch digging and envelope stuffing and even then someone is on the hook for a few extra pizzas.