Seriously Morphed Requirements

Lost in translation can describe 2nd, 3rd, and 4th handed information that is passed on as “necessary” requirements, causing PM’s to plan in one direction while ending up in a completely different place 1/2 way through planning.

On one project, between the first list of needs relayed and an onsite assessment, the equipment list was cut in half and the network costs doubled. What was “needed” was the standard setup, with the standard equipment costs and timeline. What actually worked was a much smaller footprint and a procurement plan that split costs between the client and the vendor.

The end result was not foreseen, no team member had any experience with, and ended up being model for the future and a good learning experience. The moral of the story here

  • Don’t be afraid to wait to finalize the facts including confirming all original information
  • Pictures, a walk through onsite can save you time and money in the long run if facts and assumptions are even slightly off
  • Sometimes it takes several people for the complete picture but be sure at least one of those people is the expert, manager, responsible for accurate information

Waiting until an on site walk through cost use a couple weeks of waiting however not waiting could have cost and extra $14,000.  Sometime we rush to get things completed and processes in motion but if you are going the wrong way, the effort is for nothing.