Series: Roll Out – Who doesn’t know this is happening?

This is a common happening, someone is unaware an application or process is being eliminated:

  • I knew they were looking but I never got an email it was final
  • I though instead of ABC we were going with XYZ
  • Wasn’t that put off until next year?

And so on.  For a roll out, you need to brainstorm with your team who needs to know, if not everyone in the company, about the upcoming implementation.

Especially if you are just being assigned to the project, you need to know who isn’t aware of this change and most importantly, the impact they may have.

You may think, well of course they are aware, however one thing is certain is it is impossible for the CEO, even in a small company, to know the details and impact of every job so you must keep an eye out for this surprise.

Sometimes at some point, someone makes a decision that “so and so isn’t affected” not knowing they perform a little know process that will be severely affected by your project implementation, which may halt your project.

Promotion, marketing, and announcing the change to anyone and everyone can help flesh out this situation and help keep your project on track.