Fresh Fog

A blurb about optimal performance.  One must agree a rested, fresh, alert mind is preferable to a reeling, scattered, distracted one.  As must as i detest the phase, “self care” is a requirement for our demanding, fast paced world of technology implementations.

Things I make myself do to stay in top form:

  • Before I start work
    • Eat protein in the morning
    • Drink 1-2 glasses of water
  • During work
    • Divert my eyes away from my screen between tasks
    • Stand up during a conference call
    • Circle the parking lot for 10 minutes to digest a meeting, stretch my legs, breathe fresh air
  • Lunch
    • Leave my desk and eat elsewhere; this is a non-negotiable otherwise I jeopardize my ability to be optimal for afternoon meetings and challenges
  • Winding down to 5pm
    • Schedule new items for the next day
    • Substitute a call for a walk to my meeting another building

The breaks amount to 1 hour and 20 minutes minutes out of 9 hours.

You must remember that you are subject to sitting for 11 hours straight if you include your commute so you MUST take time out to walk, stretch, disconnect, throughout the day in order to remain sharp when it counts.