I'm It! Now What?

I'm It! Now What?

You were selected to manage a project but you have always been a part of a project instead of the cat herder you will become. Let me help you figure out your very next steps and how to navigate to a successful completion.

UAT? JAD? Earned Value?

UAT? JAD? Earned Value?

There are many pieces to a successful project all of which are used to various degrees and sometimes even skipped. Let us help you with the necessities of your project and help you get valuable deliverables completed

Quit, Pregnant, Jail

Quit, Pregnant, Jail

Changes can happen at critical times but it's not the end of the world. Let us help you explore strategies to stay or get back on track in the midst of your resource challenges and staffing surprises.

Company User Groups

Have need to promote an application or process?  Start a user group! This will not only help your project solidify interest and support but allow for useful feedback and early adjustment of processes: Pick a frequency, monthly, weekly Invite all users and all interested Setup speakers a few months in advance Select a moderator to

Has Your SME, SME’ed? Part 2

We previously discussed a scenario where the SME had not performed a deep dive on their end and surprised everyone with a need to halt progress in the project. Some ideas to avoid this situation, keeping in mind it may not be avoidable: Be the “why” child in your discovery meetings and casual chats –

Has Your SME, SME’ed? Part 1

One of my project had a hot button issue that required immediate attention and resolution.  The facts were gathered, the meeting was conducted, the notes went out, and a path forward was published. Six months later, the solution completed and come to find out, the SME could not implement as they “just discovered” to complete

The Power of a Daily Team Meeting

One of the ways you can ensure your project and its team are always in sync, aware of obstacles and issues, and keep the line of sight in view is to meet 15 minutes each day, first thing in the morning or the last meeting of the day. This Agile practice not only helps team

Losing Your Sponsor/No Attendees

I had a situation where I had to cancel all my meetings for a particular initiative because the sponsor moved to another project and all of a sudden no one showed up! Frustrating, I had no choice after 4 consecutive no show meetings, to cancel all of the weekly meetings for the rest of the

Video Editing, How Hard Could It Be?

There is a saying to count the cost before you take on a job.  Video editing is one of those job I hope to give you insight to in case you come across this “opportunity”. We had 4 hours of training in video that was just OK for creating a very basic “watch this video

It’s a PowerPoint World – Part 2

Last week we talked about a simple presentation slide on your current project that would assist management in summarizing its current status. We want to emphasize simple. As gather-ers of information, facts, figures, scenarios, risks, exceptions, etc., at some point, we know more about the entire project than anyone else. We must avoid putting everything

It’s a PowerPoint World – Part 1

You may be running one of 100’s of projects and not aware of visibility or significance however you should be aware of presenting an overview of your project will be helpful to you and to your management all the way to the top. One easy way to do this is a simple charter/status slide that

How many steps are really involved?

As tasks and time, which costs money, is a main focus for planning, nearly everyone you will talk with in gathering information will short change the overall effort. This is not on purpose but as we all tend to do, the one who knows the process best may fail to mention little items or easy

The importance of an architectural review board

Many firms have no organization when it comes to development except Code – Test – UAT – Release. Especially in the age of exponentially increasing cybercrime, architectural review, not just code review, is a foundational practice. Developers that skirt around this step introduce costly and harmful elements into a company’s technology landscape and eventually network