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PM Tools Review: Microsoft Project Center

For 6 months at a bio firm, I used a tool the relied on to manage projects and for portfolio management called Microsoft Project Center. It is not the pure web based version of Project Online and the company I am consulting for only licensed PM’s to use the software. So for collaboration and viewing…

PM Tools Review: Microsoft Teams

For about a year I used Microsoft Teams, first to explore usability among staff at a real estate company and then to fill a collaboration gap as the company I consulted for only licensed PM’s to use Microsoft Project Center which housed project issues, risks, and decisions. See previous post on this. I see an…

Making the most of free or low cost external resources – Trade schools

Besides a university and community colleges, trade schools are an excellent way to learn about the project management field. Trade schools often have free lectures and seminars on various topics. Often these meetings are sponsored by local groups who have additional opportunities to attend events and networking sessions. An after-hours meeting that I currently attend…

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