I'm It! Now What?

I'm It! Now What?

You were selected to manage a project but you have always been a part of a project instead of the cat herder you will become. Let me help you figure out your very next steps and how to navigate to a successful completion.

UAT? JAD? Earned Value?

UAT? JAD? Earned Value?

There are many pieces to a successful project all of which are used to various degrees and sometimes even skipped. Let us help you with the necessities of your project and help you get valuable deliverables completed

Quit, Pregnant, Jail

Quit, Pregnant, Jail

Changes can happen at critical times but it's not the end of the world. Let us help you explore strategies to stay or get back on track in the midst of your resource challenges and staffing surprises.

Dynamics: Training before implementation – Part 1

A key approach in a Microsoft Dynamics implementation is to train your users on the ERP or CRM applications before requirements gathering and implementation. This approach allows for streamlining requirements; walking through a ready-made application with your own data eliminates numerous conversations so you can spend time on what gaps really need to be addressed

Email Migration Groups

When you are planning to migrate users from one email platform to another, prepare for at least 3 types of migration users: 1) Self-migration – track, check back individually and weekly to confirm success, Skype/walk through users having difficulty 2) Enterprise migration tool – ensure users confirm results for each file type to avoid issues

Fresh Fog

A blurb about optimal performance.  One must agree a rested, fresh, alert mind is preferable to a reeling, scattered, distracted one.  As must as i detest the phase, “self care” is a requirement for our demanding, fast paced world of technology implementations. Things I make myself do to stay in top form: Before I start

Holidays, Global and Otherwise

Schedules can be challenging in general, let alone when working globally.  For instance some European groups take 4 weeks of vacation off.  For a SME whose input is critical to your project, that could be a significant impact. While you cannot ask for an itinerary and hotel numbers, you can review the schedule with those

1,178 Page Project

PMI PMBoK has been published since 1996 and is due to release the 6th edition late 2017. You can read in detail its purpose and intent by clicking here. Having taken the PMP test and gone through PMI, CompTIA Project+, ITIL, and a number of other courses dealing with managing technology changes, I would summarize my experience

Quick Meeting Recall

When you are going 1,000 miles per hour, you tend to push formalities aside and your essentials list gets smaller and smaller. One item you absolutely cannot miss doing is recapping every single project meeting. Here is how to do it quickly: For Microsoft Outlook, go to your calendar and right-click on your meeting invite, and

Crisis Project

Your main developer quit, your QA tester is going on maternity leave, and the boss is planning to have your project all done when they get back from vacation. What do you do right now?  What is critical and what can wait? How can you be successful when so many things are going wrong. And

More with Less Than Zero

Accounting resources at month-end Expedited contract review during an acquisition Stakeholder change of mind moving a deadline up 3 months Key developer, main business sponsor, funding pulled after 3 months of requirements refining I have experienced all of the about while managing projects.  I allow about 5 minutes to let the shock wear off and