• More Accurate Schedule
  • Manageable Work for Available Resources
  • Feel Like You're Herding Cats?
I'm It! Now What?

I'm It! Now What?

You were selected to manage a project but you have always been a part of a project instead of the cat herder you will become. Let me help you figure out your very next steps and how to navigate to a successful completion.

UAT? JAD? Earned Value?

UAT? JAD? Earned Value?

There are many pieces to a successful project all of which are used to various degrees and sometimes even skipped. Let us help you with the necessities of your project and help you get valuable deliverables completed

Quit, Pregnant, Jail

Quit, Pregnant, Jail

Changes can happen at critical times but it's not the end of the world. Let us help you explore strategies to stay or get back on track in the midst of your resource challenges and staffing surprises.

Making the most of free or low cost external resources – Trade schools

Besides a university and community colleges, trade schools are an excellent way to learn about the project management field. Trade schools often have free lectures and seminars on various topics. Often these meetings are sponsored by local groups who have additional opportunities to attend events and networking sessions. An after-hours meeting that I currently attend…

Making the most of free or low cost external resources – PMI

One resource you may be aware of is your local PMI, project management institute, chapter. There you will find others in the PM field, events, seminars, and training. For local support, it is one of the best options that you have to learn your field. In addition, you can visit other chapters near you or…

uCertify – PMP Chapters and Lessons

The PMI Project Management Book of Knowledge is a daunting 589 page framework to managing projects in general.  Besides basic project management, it covers specialized areas of projects such as what would be used in manufacturing and aerospace.  So you can see referring to it for managing a website project might become a project in…

uCertify Assessment Tools

My PMP assessment test is set for a  4-hour time limit daunting but this is the same as the real PMP exam.  The PMP exam has 200 questions of which 175 will count toward your exam.  This is a testing strategy used my many certification agencies which includes questions that don’t count toward your score. …

uCertify Overview

When you first log in, you have the option of clicking on a featured course to check out, search for courses, or go to your uCertify library of courses. In my library is the PMP Project Management Professional V5 Course. You have the option of jumping into where you left off with your lessons, viewing…

Ucertify.com PMP Course

uCertify.com is a website dedicated to assiting you in preparing for taking certification tests.  When you first login, you are met with nearly every possible professional technical exam.  Some examples are Microsfot, Oracle, CompTIA, IIBA, Cisco, Adobe, and PMI. We all are already geared to studying for exams from our built-in 12 years of schooling,…

PMP Test Changing in March

The Project Management Institute (PMI) will be updating its guide and test late March 2018.  PMI will be adding several sections to its guide (PMBoK) and thus the exam. I once believed if you are a seasoned PM and familar with project management concepts and metholody such as Critial Path, Crashing the Schedule, Time and…

Dynamics: Training before implementation – Part 2

With MS applications existing in the Cloud, your organization has an agile opportunity to prove the application’s viability in your environment. The one thing you will not be able to save on in this approach is the time to go through the exercise of thoroughly vetting the application. You NEED to take the time to…

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Over 10 years’ experience managing projects in technology, office properties, and education. Past Bachelor of Science teacher for project management courses for certification. Routinely manage discovery, phased requirements, unplanned, and crisis projects to a successful completion.