Making the most of free or low cost external resources – Event websites

Eventbrite is an example of a website that lists events, free and fee, from business to baseball and everything in between.
If you are wanting to make more connections or research an area of interest, this is one of the best free ways to find out what is available.

You can search by area and category or just browse events in your city. I like to sift through the free business and networking events ever so often to see what might be of interest then use the handy “copy to calendar feature.” One note is the calendar entry is usually just a link so it is best to also paste any additional information you might want to have in case you are not connected to the internet at some point.

Note, I steer away from events that ask for personal information, like date of birth, as are a requirement to RSVP. You don’t know who is collecting the information or how responsible they will be with it so you can just cancel or just show up.

It appears very easy to set up an event on some of these sites so be sure to research the organization, visit their website, make a phone call if you have a concern.

Coupon codes, directions, tickets, etc. may be a part of your event so note the details and get started on this additional way to increase both your knowledge and connections!