The PM Business – A Low Cost Start

Be aware that your venture in to proprietorship doesn’t have to be a $5,000 investment

  • Government fees can range/add up from $10-200; they are known and some are yearly but many are one-time or every 5 years, like your business registration with your county.
  • You don’t have to advertise rather, you can attend a lot of networking, alumni, open house, etc. events and pass out cards
  • When I attend business lunches, it is customary to give all 6 or 8 people at the table one of your cards; you can easily make 50 contacts in a month between networking, workshops, and social events.
  • You can print your own business cards (get the easy tear off type for your printer) for$7 or less, and change the text as you get feedback from prospects.  Then buy formal cards when you have it nailed down your pitch and text.
  • Your local chamber is full of single business owners, spend $15 for a lunch or after hours event and get to know how the attendees started.
  • Industry booths can be expensive but many communities have smaller events and vendor tables for $10 to $100.  Even if it is not in an ideal area, it is good practice for you to streamline your pitch and become comfortable talking to different types of people and adjusting accordingly.
  • has a LOT of events for free regarding new business owners; take advantage of this information, many of the events are after work.

Once you start mixing and mingling in the business crowd, you will learn of other events and gathering that will help you promote your business.

When you have a client or two under your belt, you will have a better sense of what you want to do and what you have to offer and advertising dollar spent at that time will be well worth the expense.