The PM Business – Client for my (PM) Business

Getting a client is not a difficult and in fact, you already do this when you look for a job.  In a sense, the employer or agency is your client.

You may have been asked by some agencies “Are you B2B?“ or “Can you do a 1099?”.  You also may have seen some job listings with similar notations.

Companies like to use temporary resources and professional services because it can be treated like a business expense instead of being slated a labor which requires payroll taxes, employee insurance, a desk, phone, computer, etc. which all have to be recycled/redistributed when the project is over.

For a task that will be completed in a few months, it is simply not efficient to hire someone for a short time then let them go when it is over. It is much easier, for all involved, to just hire professional services for the task needed, be billed for services rendered, and call it a day.

That’s where you come in.

You may already be doing this but as a temp worker for an agency which is serving as the professional services firm, providing YOU to the company you are working for presently.

Why not be a vendor for your agency?

Or better yet, why not cut out the middle man?

Business buying from other businesses is preferred and already conduct almost all other business this way: attorneys, financial consultants, even HR now is being outsource with “business partners”.

Investigate what it takes in your city to become a business.  Search job ads for those seeking a vendor-type, 1099, or Business-to-Business relationship.

You might be on your way to hanging out your own shingle!