The PM Business – Permission to Business

Here in the US, depending on the city you live in, you need only to announce your intention to do business, sometimes pay a fee, and simply begin to advertise or solicit business.

Part of this process requires a blurb in your local newspaper of your legal and business name.  This protects the community at large from bad business people who keep opening and closing businesses to avoid taxes and/or the obligation to their customers.

You may be required to have a business license that is renewed yearly.

You also may be required to collect, then pass to your state, sales tax.

The city, county, state, and sometime federal entities all may have a need to know of your business, what you sell, in what form, and where.

On one side of the coin, you are free to open up a business at will but on the other side you may be subject to regulations, taxes, fees, and other requirements.

I warn you –not- be scared of trying a business venture, even small like online sales.  Calculate what the costs are, decide how much you want to pay for your experience, then go for it!