The PM Business – Packaging Your Expertise

Everyone has a niche they consider routine but for someone somewhere, their knowledge is like gold.

I mean from common to scientific, everyone can be of value to someone.

Motherhood, you would agree is quite common.  One never having siblings might be able to figure out a diaper.  However, day-to-day newborn infant care, that’s not a search engine task.  I want to talk with (not text) someone who has been there and done that, with toddlers or older, if possible.

This is the same for you and your expertise.  You have done projects with maybe some business analysis, data massage, QA, triage, research at one time or another.  You may have even found a key to a software issue and you don’t even code!

It’s routine for you but most likely not for many others, and probably not for the software and tools you have used, and not with the background that you already have experienced.

Think through some project similarities you have had so far be it software titles like Excel or a type of process like workflow approvals.

Ask yourself

  • Have you found yourself in a certain industry more than once?
  • Do I know more than most about dealing with customs?
  • Is there an older technology I understand well that is heading for End of Life or a transformation?
  • Have I given more than my share of presentations to CEO/CFO etc. or seem to always be working with the Sales VP?

Write out a matrix of skills, industries, tools, job titles, processes, etc. and see where you have used these over and over.

You may not be an expert before you know it, you may just already be one.