Making the most of free or low cost external resources – Networking groups

I realize at some point, especially if you are looking for work, networking can be draining. However, you need to re-orient your view on networking. Think of it as a perfect opportunity to learn about people and professions, challenges and successes, and areas you might want to move your career toward.
There is nothing like a first-hand account of what it is like to work for XYZ Company or be responsible for ABC processes.

The monthly group I currently attend obtains a different sponsor each time, who also pays the finger foods and gives a 5-10 minute talk on what their company does. I have met some really nice people, some in transition and others working full time. I have gotten leads for jobs and given tips on best practices. I have also learned about various areas in PM I may want to consider in a few years.

Networking can be fun and useful and personable so sign up, grab a plate, and sit down and get ready to share, get help, and give help.