Making the most of free or low cost external resources – Product Webinars

You know those constant email reminders you get at work because your company purchased WebEx, DocuSign, Adobe, or XYZ productivity product? The next time you get one, see if they have a product knowledge library, university, or partnership with other products that offer free training.

There are several benefits, even if you have been using the product or may not have a use for it:
• You can learn features that might be useful to your organization
• You may help others at work out with the software/item, making the product more effective in your organization
• You can add a notation on your resume or perhaps upgrade an existing notation to “advanced user”
• If you are unfamiliar with the operation of webinar software, you will definitely learn it by participating

What to expect:
• Often, all participants are muted the entire time and you can ask questions via chat
• Usually, you are the only one who can see your question
• The host might answer you in a separate email
• A PowerPoint presentation and/or live view of the instructor may be used
• You can request a recording and presentation materials after the session (which may or may not be available) or a link might be emailed to you automatically