uCertify Assessment Tools

My PMP assessment test is set for a  4-hour time limit daunting but this is the same as the real PMP exam.  The PMP exam has 200 questions of which 175 will count toward your exam.  This is a testing strategy used my many certification agencies which includes questions that don’t count toward your score.  The extra questions can be a mix of unique questions the certifiers are testing out for future exams and the same or similar questions stated a different way.

When you begin the Pre Assessment, you will see one of the most important features, a Play Audio icon which when clicked, reads the text next to it, be it a paragraph or a question and its possible answers.  This is great in assisting accessibility needs as well as helping study fatigue and focus. The text is highlighted as it is read and you can pause and re-read sections as needed.  This feature is available throughout the course for Card, Quizzes, Exercises, and Exams.

Like most exams, you are allowed to skip and return to questions as needed, you can see what number of exam you are on, and how much time you have left.

This is important as I have found it wise to skip through and answer the easiest questions first then return to the more difficulty questions or ones involving equations.

An added bonus, which I am not sure is part of the real exam, is you can change the font and background color of your uCertify testing screen to make those 100 questions easy on the eyes.

There is a tab on the left where you can view a list of each question and jump to various questions as needed.

If you choose to End the Test, you will get a summary

  • % Correct
  • # Correct
  • # Incorrect
  • # Unattempted
  • Time taken
  • A graph of correct vs incorrect answers

Another highly useful feature is the ability to download a report of the assessment test.   Its results will show, by subject, where you did well and where you need need more study as well as a comparison of your answer verses the correct answer.

It doesn’t stop there.

You have the option to review items and explanations of the correct answer, retake the test with only the incorrect items, or retake the entire test.

Lastly, for the Test History option, you can compare view your test score of the assessment and the other tests and lesson progress thus far.  This Test History screen also allows you to filter on certain test or test types which is helpful once you begin completing tests throughout the course.