uCertify – PMP Chapters and Lessons

The PMI Project Management Book of Knowledge is a daunting 589 page framework to managing projects in general.  Besides basic project management, it covers specialized areas of projects such as what would be used in manufacturing and aerospace.  So you can see referring to it for managing a website project might become a project in itself.

This is where the uCertify process can help.  The lessons sections is broken up by chapters and topics. At the end of each chapter is a summary, exam essentials, key terms, and review questions.

In addition to the Review Questions, there are Cards, a Quiz, and an Exercise for the same chapter.  As I mentioned in a previous post, for each of these items you can click the Play Audio icon to have the question and answers read to you.

Within each lesson you may have a video that reinforces what you are learning within that lesson.  The video section includes a video transcript for reference and future study.

Lastly, there is a bookmark icon which lets you

  • Bookmark sections or subtopics within a lesson to a list of bookmarks to review later
  • Mark a lesson with confidence so you can skip to the ones that need more attention upon review
  • Add notes to a lesson

This is handy for troublesome topics or concepts that you need to read and re-read to grasp or to quickly move to a graphic such as a flow chart.