uCertify Overview

When you first log in, you have the option of clicking on a featured course to check out, search for courses, or go to your uCertify library of courses.

In my library is the PMP Project Management Professional V5 Course.

You have the option of jumping into where you left off with your lessons, viewing your readiness %, and displaying your courses in tile or list view.

Clicking on my course title, I am presented with several options and the ability to Link with Instructor.  More on this later.

You will spend most of your time in these two areas:

  • Chapter and Lessons
  • Practice Tests

You can do, and I recommend, Pre Assessment and Post Assessment exams before and after you have taken the course.

Also displayed, are your start and target finish date and what day you are currently on, meaning how long you have been taking the course.  One of the best features is measurement of your pace and an estimate of when you will complete the course.  This is a great incentive, replacing your mom and your teachers nudging to complete on time.

Click the Study Planner to see progress for your assessments and for each chapter/lesson with respect to Cards, Quizzes, and Exercises.

My PMP course comes with five sets of practice questions of 100 questions each of which the progress is also listed.

Finally, there is a Post Assessment exam which simulates the real exam so you can develop a “pacing strategyfor the real exam.  I can testify from my previous CompTIA exam that this is extremely important.  You can be woefully misled in how much time you are taking on one question and find yourself rushing or out of time at the end.  It is a huge bonus to try this out beforehand.

In addition to an official certification from the association, such as PMI, uCertify will also issue you a certificate of completion for anyone with a readiness score of 90% or greater.  I believe this would be a valuable resume notation, especially for entry level positions or areas where you may have little experience.

All of this in the uCertify library well positions you for measured and successful self study for your certification exam.