True Status – WHEN EXACTLY?

When can you start?

As soon as I get the image.

AKA -> As soon as get the documentation, 3 VM’s setup, demo PC’s, confirm my temp resource, and get the image

When will the PC arrive?

In a few weeks.

AKA ->, we manufacture in Mexico, then it ships to Texas before it ships to you.  By the way, there is a small memory chip shortage.

Found a vendor and they can ship tomorrow!

AKA -> we can fill out a PO, which must get put in the system, then it makes the rounds for approval, then Oops!, the vendor is new, so we will send a link to the vendor to open an account and fill out their information in our sourcing application, they then will submit an insurance certification, proof of business, that will go to an approval process so they can get approved and paid.  Until then the vendor will not ship your order so your item will not be shipping tomorrow.

Absolutely, we can ship internationally

AKA ->  we can order, then fill out customs paperwork, including letterhead, titles and signatures from the destination, then fill out a PO, then it gets put in the systems, then makes the rounds for approval, then it gets shipped, then it waits on the dock for review from customs, then customs approves, then your contact can pick up the items.

The TRUE STATUS can be far from the first thing told to you.  You must keep estimates close to the vest until you have completed a full discovery or what, where, when, how, which, approvals, permissions, permits, weather, strikes, …you get the picture.

The whole and complete picture.