When to Move on

For most of us, work and accomplishment can be an enjoyable part of life.  At certain times, the environment that we find ourselves in ceases to be enjoyable and we must review the situation and determine if action is required.

  • Do Nothing -rarely does this approach bring results by the very nature of the in action.  If you feel the situation will pass, the person will stop, the promotion will come this month, for instance, the doing nothing might be a viable option.  This also might be an option if there is no hope e.g. bosses son-in-law getting your promotion.
  • Reveal – something reporting an issue can bring light to a real or larger problem.  Who you talk with and how you relay the information is important.
  • Conflict – this can be confronting a person or raising an issue in a meeting.
  • Change – your desk position, your department, your job.  This is mic drop on a situation or the organization for greener pastures.

Recognizing what approach to use when is important.