Windows 10 Upgrade – QA

Quality Assurance, we don’t even say the words anymore but it exists to ensure we release stable code onto stable devices resulting in the ultimate goals of the hardware and software working together without defects, issues, and customer facing problems.

At least that is the case with Windows 10 and printers or scanners or any device you wish to use with this latest OS from Microsoft.

However for the PM, QA is more than testing until something breaks.  It involves

  • Testing your Windows 10 image with the hardware you and/or your customers will be using it on
  • With all versions of peripherals in use
  • And all features to be release, including mobile
  • With all security considerations explored
  • Including a block or allowance to download application from the Windows Store

QA is not just an exercise to ensure the “software doesn’t break anything”.  It is an task that bleeds in to areas of training, security, and devices.

Make sure your QA plan includes all areas of impact in addition to begin a scaleable solution for the long run.