Global Sourcing Part 1 – When you think you have to ship overseas

In our ability to see work environments similar to ours, with cubicles and rush hour similar scenes in almost any part of the world, it is understandable to think you can carry out tasks in a similar manner as well.

Shipping items for instance across the country or to another county, companies like FedEx and DHL have made it possible to accomplish with a high degree of certainty.

Shipping internationally while possible, in some cases is not at all easy. Many countries track what type of item is coming into their county, from what country, for what purpose, and then add a fee for receiving that item. In addition, customs departments at the port of entry are processing these shipments which may be stored for a week or longer until it can be next-in-line for processing.

In light of this, where you can, try to have the destination country purchase what they can and then bill your project accordingly. You will save time, money, and knuckle biting waiting and wondering about your shipment.

Consider the exchange rate, get quotes before approving, ensure you pass on clear specifications, and use pictures so you can get the same or similar items for your project. Also where needed, ensure support contracts are managed locally by a reputable company. If you need help, contact your local chamber of commerce for a list of import/export associations that will often give free assistance finding legitimate sources for the equipment or service needed.